How to order

To offset our significant investment in pure substances and ongoing analytical effort, we ask for compensation in the amount indicated in the master list of available compounds.  For example, a 0.5 milliliter aliquot of an n-alkane mixture (solution in hexane) sealed under argon in a glass ampoule at U.S. $250 reflects a price of a few cents per injection after appropriate dilution of our product to match the sensitivity of modern GC-irm-MS systems.

Indiana Zinc

All batches of Indiana Zinc are thoroughly tested in our laboratory with VSMOW and SLAP isotope standard waters before being released. Indiana Zinc is a research material offered for use without guarantees and without acceptance of any responsibilities for damages arising from its use or possible failure in any application. It is not sold for profit and is distributed as a service to those engaged in geochemical and clinical research.

Export of zinc to researchers outside of the U.S.A.:
Detailed and strict U.S. export regulations require us to obtain information from the prospective end users before shipping Indiana Zinc. We are prohibited by U.S. law from sending reference materials to certain countries.

Ordering Information for Research Materials and Indiana Zinc

For all users

Orders for reference materials should be submitted by e-mail to

Note: ordering may require the exchange of pdf files. Some web browsers have built-in pdf readers that cannot open editable pdf files. Internet Explorer uses Adobe's pdf reader and can open editable pdf files. New customers are encouraged to use the order form in pdf format.

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For international users

In addition to completing the order form, and prior to receiving reference materials or Indiana Zinc, new international prospective users are required to answer an end-user questionnaire. The enduser (i.e. the person responsible for the actual use of the reference material) must copy the questionnaire text on his/her institutional letterhead in a way that the official institutional seal, emblem, full name and address are clearly visible on top of the questionnaire. All questions must be answered. ‘Yes’ or ‘no’ boxes must be marked.  The questionnaire must be signed, dated, and returned by mail, fax or pdf. We are prohibited by U.S. law from sending reference materials to certain countries.

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Hazardous shipments

Shipments of some reference materials must be declared hazardous material. This requires the use of special, IATA-approved, non-reusable safety cardboard shipping boxes with internal metal or plastic containers (ca. U.S. $15 per container; one container can hold many reference materials). Some countries or regions of countries do not permit the importation or delivery of hazardous materials. International customers are advised to first call their local Federal Express office to inquire about the legality and cost of importing hazardous material.

Shipping details

All FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipping requires the full street address (no PO boxes), as well as the name and phone number of the recipient. We prefer that customers make available their institutional Federal Express, UPS, or DHL account to cover express shipping and customs expenses.

Terms: payment for reference materials is required within 30 days after the receipt of reference materials and invoice.

Privacy notice: Personal information is required to satisfy U.S. Export Regulations and to ensure proper invoicing by Indiana University. Proprietary information about purchases is stored for 7 years at Indiana University. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of information technologies, no transmission of information over the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. While Indiana University is committed to protecting user privacy, IU cannot guarantee the security of any information users transmit to university sites, and users do so at their own risk. Indiana University is not responsible for the availability, content, or privacy practices of non-university sites. Non-university sites are not bound by this site privacy notice policy and may or may not have their own privacy policies.