Fatty Acid Esters

Information on Fatty Acid Esters

Available fatty acid esters span from decanoic acid methyl ester (10:0) to tricontanoic acid methyl ester (30:0) and include several ethyl, n-propyl, and n-butyl esters, as well as a triglyceride. A few icosanoic acid methyl esters are available in larger amounts to serve as joint GC and EA reference materials for 2-point isotopic calibrations. Some esters feature 2H and 13C-enrichment, either in the alcohol group or in the fatty acid chain.

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Individual fatty acid esters

Individual fatty acid esters are useful in cases when n-alkanes would co-elute with analytes following co-injection. Decanoic acid methyl ester is dissolved in hexane and sealed under argon in brown glass ampoules (~1 mg C-10 FAME in 0.5 milliliter hexane per ampoule).

Most other fatty acid esters are available pure in 5 mg amounts in crimp-sealed glass vials or in sealed glass capillaries. A few of the 2H- and 13C-enriched esters are dissolved as mixtures F8-2 in cyclohexane or F8-3 hexane and sealed under argon in brown glass ampoules.